Chattin’ With the IRS

I heard Curtis Mayfield was paralyzed by some sound equipment that fell on him when he was performing in Brooklyn. I heard he suffered from health problems after that and then died out of diabetes. Curtis Mayfield sang in falsetto.

I heard Sam Cooke got shot by a hotel owner when he was wearing a sport jacket and shoes and nothing else. He was looking for a woman. The woman who owned the hotel was packing heat so to speak but she finished the job with a broom stick. Sam Cooke was confused and amazed.

I heard Marvin Gaye sing about the have nots and I heard him sing about set backs and the whole time I heard him singing about sex. I heard Marvin Gaye got shot by his dad and it killed him.

I heard Jimi Hendrix killed hisself with drugs and Billie Holiday wasted away in a hospital. I heard Billie Holiday’s mom was thirteen when she was born and I heard Billie Holiday sang for two dollars a night. I heard something about Jimi Hendrix’s purple jacket and something about the Chelsea Hotel.

I heard Kurtis Blow is still preaching as the pastor of the Hip Hop Church and I heard he made rapping bigger than Barbara Streisand. I heard him say when I was a kid that sometimes things go a certain way, and that’s how it is.


3 thoughts on “Chattin’ With the IRS

  1. I heard that even Gordon Flanders’s ramblings are poetic. I heard that he writes them in the loo. One day he took so long to finish a post, his wife booted him out and said no more writing in the loo. So Flanders started writing them posts on his coffee breaks at the restaurant. His posts got shorter but sweeter.

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