I’ve been living in Thailand the past year and a half. I don’t know how long I’ll be here. If I could afford it, I’d live all over the world my whole life. I’m working on that, when I’m not writing.

What’s a neat writing trick?

I find a soundtrack that matches my mood and I let it chase its own tail. The other day, it was a film. It keeps emotions from flying out the window while I write, but it drives those I live with mad. I also eavesdrop and spy on people. Everyone’s fair game.

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Fred Colton Headshot ScreenshotFred Colton

Product of the American millennial assembly line. Lives in Asia and every day tries desperately to be interesting. As a basic-model white male, this rarely works.

What’s a neat writing trick?

My trick involves sitting in my neighborhood café in Korea for five hours until I can eke out a paragraph. Or sometimes it’s just a sentence. The writing crusade is a pretty awful thing. It’s one of the worst things you can do to yourself. I can’t believe that one person in history has ever done it, let alone the billions who do it every day.

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EH 1392NGordon Flanders

When I was growing up I used to cry a lot. Anything could make me cry, like if someone came down the slide after me too soon and I had to rush off the bottom before they ran into me. Now I cry even more often because all of life is a slide and some…thing(?) is behind me and all I want to do is get off before it crushes me.

What’s a neat writing trick?

Scented candles are really great. People don’t know that. I like to fill the room with scented candles and light different combinations of them to achieve weird effects. Everyone knows that smell is the sense most strongly associated with memory (I found out from a deodorant commercial), and so it only makes sense to really get down into those memories with some eco-friendly soy candles. My favorite smell is vanilla and salted caramel mixed together.

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DSC02357G. Z. Kieft

I started writing when I realized I couldn’t draw well enough to tell my stories. I was born in Amsterdam, Holland and hated the language as a boy but fell in love with English when I moved to the states in ’03. I just found out recently life doesn’t end at 20 so now I’ve decided to make a career out of this language. So far I’ve done a shitty job.

What’s a neat writing tip?

Fucking, fighting, laughing, hating. Falling in love. Then remember how all that feels and make your characters feel it. These are more tips to myself than anything else because I can get carried away with plots and lines.

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glassesSam Lobos

Newly single resident vamp/slacker seeks meaning in all the bullshit life has to offer. Nah, just kidding. About the meaning of life part. I really don’t give a fuck. Okay, that was a lie. I do kinda give a fuck. Sometimes. But for real, I’m a mental health therapist by day, hot mess of a writer by night. I’m in my mid thirties and most people think I’m in my twenties so I’ve got that going for me. Otherwise, you can read about my misadventures and fumblings through life on my blog, aptly titled: Am I the Only Loser Out There? Musings of a Disturbed Therapist

My neat writing trick?

I’m a lazy ass writer. I swear, if I weren’t trying to keep up with these geniuses, my writings would be scattered all over scrap pieces of paper that I stuff in a folder. Oh wait, I still do that.

I actually write best when I’m sad or depressed, so sometimes I will purposefully put on a song that elicits a melancholic memory and keep it on repeat until I feel the juices flowing. Masochistic, I know, but sometimes you have to bleed for beauty.

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Underdaddy BiopicThe Underdaddy

I’m The Underdaddy. Don’t leave out “The”, its important. I am possibly the world’s most awesome super hero. Picture this… Chubby thirty-something male, four kids, minivan, receding hairline, and a sexy wife who dominates the power balance because she talked me into buying a fucking wallaby. Pinch yourself. This is real life and you found me. My superpower you ask? I can organize a Walmart list in perfect order from the back of the store to the checkout. No shit, swear to God. I am also a fantastic writer. I share a range of things on Conceited Crusade and a mix of humor and slice-of-life writing at

My neat writing trick?

Drugs. Caffeine, Nyquil, and the occasional Corticosteroid for sinus infections. Sugar and chocolate. The good addictions are the ones that drive you onward. Writing is an addiction. I feed mine with love and hate and a rainbow of empathy in between. Maybe some Ambien every now and then. Why not? I would try writing on LSD but the keyboard would probably start talking and distract me. That and I don’t know the first thing about buying drugs. Jesus Christ, I hate the wayward looks from the pharmacy techs when I get an allergy medicine with a “D” on the end. How could I manage my anxiety? Thanks a lot guys, now I’m fucking nervous for even writing this shit.

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IMG_0306YuMin Ye

Where you lead, I will follow…hm? You talking to me? YuMin doesn’t like talking about herself nor does she like referring to herself in the third person. But she does like to write more than she likes to speak. And that’s all she has to say about that. If you didn’t like this, there’s always another “about me” section. Or at least an edit button.

What’s a neat writing trick?

I’m random and say exactly what’s on my mind exactly when I’m thinking it.

Read my thoughts at your own risk:
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pic of meTricia Sankey

I love to be creative in all forms and genres. The creative process has always been so cathartic, better than chocolate, late night Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn movies, receiving a decent haircut at Great Clips, better than checking my pockets and finding $5.00 right beside that errant hair pin – the process is only topped when I find myself mingled and mangled within a great community of writers and readers.

What’s a neat writing trick?

It was Hemingway that said, “Write drunk, edit sober,” and I take his advice to heart. No, I am not a habitual drinker, but I do realize it takes a certain zen, or meditative process to let your mind wander and maximize your creative talents. I had a writing instructor suggest that I keep a pen and paper by my bed and first thing in the morning, while my mind is still rehashing dreams and basically inebriated, write! And edit later over coffee – for me this involves a one pump toffee nut soy latte, please!

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faceJamie Marie Rose

I began to write when glass broke my heart one too many times. Or maybe I did the bulk of the breaking, one can never be too sure when working with such delicate materials. I write because words don’t shatter in my hands or threaten to light me on fire. Usually.

What’s a neat writing trick?

You can do it anywhere. All you need is a laptop and maybe an idea. Not even a good idea. Some of the best pieces come on a whim, from what begins as something that is seemingly not very promising at all. Just do it. There’s nothing stopping you.

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