There is one in all of us—starting at the bottom working jobs not in our field to try to move on up even though we have the educational background to do more with our lives, but because of how things turned out, this is what we get stuck doing. Working really hard, but feeling underappreciated by our spouse or boss or both. All the while, suffering through judgment from others or even just society in general all because of our job title.

But what about the others? The ones who are stuck doing the bottom jobs and unable to move up or out of their current situation? Do they remain in this state forever or are they allowed some sort of rescue? They bounce around from job to job like ping pong balls with nowhere to go except from side to side.

That’s where the rest of us come in, those who have the chance to save ourselves. We’ve been there at rock bottom with the rest of them. We’ve worked alongside them, those who don’t have lofty goals, or maybe not even any goals at all because they’ve reached their limit. We’ve seen them struggle with all they’ve got, knowing life doesn’t get any better than this. We are familiar with the conditions they work in. So once we move on up, we can help those who are stuck become unstuck.  We can be the glass slipper for the voiceless.

YuMin Ye

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