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Love is when he holds you while you sob for the student who committed suicide

Love is when he always looks back when he leaves, even in the rain

Love is when he asks others for ideas in order to support you in your grief

Love is when he admits that he isn’t good with emotions but he tries his best to express them anyway

Love is when he cooks you dinner and buys you flowers because you had a rough day

Love is when he tells you how beautiful you are in your pajamas

Love is when he tells you his deepest darkest thoughts and fears at the risk of rejection

Love is when he listens to your broken heart and doesn’t run away

Love is when he offers to massage your shoulders for no reason

Love is when he hangs up his coat in the hall closet because you like him to

Love is when he takes your dog out to potty when you are tired

Love is when he’s perfectly happy watching quirky movies with you because he just wants to be with you

Love is when he beams because he made you smile

Love is when he stares at your picture and says how lucky he is

Love is when he wants to work hard in order to afford that wedding ring you showed him

Love is when he chooses you out of all the other people in the world

Love is when you can’t imagine wanting anyone else

Love is when he shows you his love

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