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I have finally found a sense of normalcy within my day to day life

My routine no longer feels foreign

My life is no longer my new life

Reality no longer an alternative one

Instead it is simply my life and my reality

Wonderland finally feels like home

Healing is coming faster and more consistently

It continues to be incredibly painful, but it’s a worthwhile pain

I read back to the words of my broken heart and I remember the darkness that held me

Now I am enjoying the embrace of the sun

The hopelessness that once haunted me no longer feels threatening

The loneliness even less so

I am still scared

Terrified, in fact

I have opened myself up to the risk of getting deeply hurt again

But I choose to trust

To keep moving forward

Even when I cannot see what’s ahead

There is so much courage in being afraid and doing it anyway

Scars tell stories of the brave

My heart is full of them

And for that, I am proud


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