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It is dark out

Inside it is warm and cozy

I sit in the soft glow of yellow lights

I am waiting for him

Even in my sadness, I love him immensely

I am allowing myself to find comfort in him

He so longs to be a support for me

I love him all the more for it

The clock ticks loudly in the silence

It reminds me that time is fragile

It flees and fades no matter how hard I try to hold onto it

There is no saving time that has passed

I grow anxious with all the things I need to do, should have done, or could be doing

But the most important task for me right now is just to be

I will always have things to do, but I won’t always have these precious quiet moments

I use the quiet to practice appreciation

This helps to keep the sadness from staying too long

As much as the loss of the old hurts, I am grateful for the blessings of the new

I read a quote on a t-shirt once that said, “What is coming is better than what is gone.”

It felt like a fortune at the time

But now I know that it’s a fortune that has come true

There is a knock at the door

I smile, despite my somber disposition

I think, “Yes, what is here is better than what is gone”



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