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The water heater has been broken at my house for the last couple of weeks. It is going to be fixed on Monday. In the meantime, showers have been the most difficult to take. I have limited my washing so I only get the bare necessities. Some nights I choose to heat up some water using a kettle and mix it with the cold water until it’s warm enough and wash using the sink and a bucket, the way I used to in China.

Showering the first method gave my lungs a good workout from the screaming when I couldn’t delay the cold water any longer and had to wash off the soap. Showering the second method left me dry in some places and left my neck hurting a little bit from washing my hair in the sink. But both methods made me appreciate that normally I do have hot water to shower.

The second method gave my brain a workout just thinking about how it’s certainly not convenient to wash my body this way, but it’s kind of fun. When things break down, it’s survival mode. If your calculator stops working, you have to know how to calculate in your head or with pencil and paper. The same thing goes for your laptop. Just substitute pencil and paper with pen and a moleskin notebook. I hope kids never stop learning how to print and do cursive.

YuMin Ye

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  1. lol. You have a great attitude and sense of humor. I remember living in the Philippines where the “hot water heater.” was just a large vat outside. Only the sun warmed up the water. In winter or when there was no sun to heat the water, I had similar experiences!

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