The Trinity


In a way we live for ourselves and live for everybody else at the same time. We have a life only God knows about, a life only we know about, and a life we show off to man. And I don’t mean show off as in trying to impress, although it could mean that for some, but show off as in people can observe and see for themselves. This definition could be expanded to encompass how you live in front of family and friends versus how you live in front of the rest of the world, but I think you know what I mean without me opening that can of worms.

I just don’t think a lot of us really think about the way we live our lives. We think about it in passing, but we’re always doing, doing, doing, going, going, going that we don’t stop and reflect often enough on how we are actually existing in the world. It’s almost like we don’t want to either, like we would rather keep going through every day taking care of our minimum needs than think about if our life has meaning. Most of us do this, but the few who take the time to reflect are, for better or for worse, the leaders of our society.

The leaders we follow are the ones doing the thinking for us and then we agree once they present their belief system to us. My hope for us civilians is that we don’t follow blindly, but learn to examine our lives and live using our brains.

Prompt: “taboo”

YuMin Ye

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