Say it again


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Forgive me when I have to ask you to repeat it over and over again

I don’t quite believe that you won’t leave

I’ve been left before

Is it so very difficult to love me?

I suppose love isn’t ever the problem

Declaring it is easy

It’s the commitment

The try

The sacrifice

The consistency

Do I ask for too much?

I never ask for more than I give

I’m sorry I’m not perfect

But I’m not sorry I’m demanding

I don’t see anything wrong with knowing what I want and asking for it

I didn’t always do that but I’ll never not do it again

You can’t see the scars on my heart

Or how close to death I’ve come

All you see is the sadness in my eyes

And the tears that keep them company

They say love is all you need

I’ve learned that’s not true

Sometimes love is not enough

That’s been my hardest lesson

Because of this, I struggle to be sure of you

I just want to be sure

So please, say it again


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