The wind has teeth

Growing up, I thought that people who subscribed to magazines were rich and fancy

In my world, if you could afford to spend money on bounded glossy paper filled with beautiful people for the sole purpose of looking at them, you were doing okay in life

The world is simple in a child’s eyes

Being an adult is much more complicated

Now I subscribe to lots of glossy magazines because I can

I’m in no way rich or fancy, but I know that compared two thirds of the world, I live extravagantly

I sit here with a face freshly applied with an upscale hydrating mask that I got as a sample from one of said magazines

My face feels soft and supple, my youthful complexion hiding the old woman inside

But I am fortunate

Because despite the bite in the wind, I’m okay

Actually, I’m very blessed

I will never live like the people in my magazines but I live in a real world

A world with people who have less than

People I hope never to stop striving to help

After all, a good facial is only a sample away


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