Undelivered Love Letter

Bury me.

Cover me in flames, consume me in fire. Sink me in sulfur and smother me in embers, drag my ashes deep into the darkness…and know that I go willingly.

Anywhere, with you.

Bleed me.

Drain every drop of scarlet from these veins. Water the earth with these liquid rubies, and may anything that grows there bloom for you…an eternal tribute, a perennial praise.

Anything, for you.

Break me.

Rip this body apart, tear off these ethereal wings which were for your eyes only. Crush these bones into a pearlescent powder and scatter it to the winds…so that I might sing the song of your adoration forever.


Forgive me for the sin of the inadequacy of these words.

Language is misleading, my beautiful tragedy. Absolute perfection would not be good enough for you, let alone my sorrowful, pitiful attempts at articulating such thoughts. Just know that I worship you with every shuddering inhale, with every breath which passes through these lips.

But you deserve more than I could ever give.

Forgive me. I am sorry.

I shall not fight the end with tooth and nail, I will not succumb to it with a heavy heart and a hopeless soul. If it is by your hand, then know I die with my eyes wide open and a smile on my lips. If my halting pulse would please you, then know I pass with the haunting rhapsody that is you echoing in my soul.

I shall cease in my fruitless Flight from Death and face the final dawn…however, wherever that may be.

Anywhere, with you.

Anything, for you.



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