You were my comet, my shooting star, my heavenly explosion.

I was staring into darkness, and I thought the sea of shadows which made up my world was exquisite. I may not have been happy, but I was not sad. I was content.

Then you arrived in a flash of kaleidoscopic light. You appeared, and I learned what true beauty  was. You appeared, and I beheld a spectrum of perfection.

You appeared, and you ruined me.

Hyperbolic: I never could have made you stay. I was the sun to your resistant pull, involuntarily flinging you away, an unwilling, celestial sling shot. You broke into the solar system of my twisted, blackened soul, drenched it in your radiance, and then were gone forever.

I have been chasing the ghost of your tail ever since. But the universe is endless, and I imagine that you are out there, somewhere, eluding me as you destroy other poor souls by showing them that there is more than just darkness. Disrupting their blissful ignorance and corrupting it with your light, only to leave them to their seas of shadows that are suddenly nothing but darkness in your absence. Exquisiteness obliterated, your abandonment the birth of despair.

How dare you?

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

…Please come back.


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