The Explorer

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She calls out to him like the ocean – roaring, crashing, majestic. She knows how to catch his attention, her curves sun wrapped, with grace she summons him forward, gently kisses each of his toes.

He follows her like an explorer, etches his name large in her sand, like Odysseus he’ll tell a great story, he’ll find his way, he’ll mark his stead…

She sings a song the sirens steal, her rhythm attracts the moon, dispersing it’s magic, infusing her will, she summons the winds, they dance to her beat, the melody soft, the chords harmonious, he’s at peace, floating now, yet his dreams twist and snare…

He has fallen in love with tall tales, ancient myths, yes, the sandy beaches, idyllic views, they all promise hidden treasures, and he longs to dive down, bring forth bags of gold and silver, he’ll rape and he’ll pillage, toss all rocks, kill all life, he searches and searches until the darkness takes hold…

Soon he’ll know her true nature, feel at once her frosty kiss, all alone with no warmth, she’s an endless black hole…

The sun won’t touch him now, he’s gone too far, pressed way too deep, and then even she can’t stomach him, his violent struggle, her womb his endless tomb, she releases him now, in sharp, sweet pains…

He walks away, the sand burning his toes, content to visit, but never to stay…

And she’ll bid him goodbye, with one last, grand, wave, intent to banish his memory, she’ll stretch inland, erasing his name.

Tricia Sankey




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