I’ll never forget you.

Your parting note. The cursive letters written in your infuriatingly elegant script taunt me, a visual reminder that you always were and always will be above me in every conceivable way… Even in your mysterious ‘goodbye’ letter. Even if it is

(cliché, simple, unoriginal)

all you left behind.

I’ll never forget you.

You poked a hole through it and tied it around the neck of my favorite whiskey. Not a new bottle, of course. No, you just went through my super-secret liquor cabinet, which I shared with no one, ever, until you… like you knew that the moment I heard that you were gone, the very first thing I would do was pour myself a drink.

And you were right, damn you. I was looking for bourbon and found your stupid, red ribbon and loopy letters instead.

You just think you’re so goddamn coy, huh?

I’ll never forget you.

(I did have a drink)

But what would you expect from me? I’m not like you, I don’t have your resilience, your boldness. I could never just pack my things and leave this place with no plan whatsoever. Even if you would have invited me along,

(which you didn’t)

I would never have the gall to just leave my job, friends and family. Even though I know that my job sucks, my friends know that I suck, and my parents pretty much gave up on me amounting to anything more than a college dropout years ago.

I’ll never forget you.

You know what the most depressing thing about all of this is? I think… I think that’s a lie. I think

(know, with certainty, without a doubt)

that you will forget me. That you’ll meet so many amazing people in this exciting next chapter of your life, that you’ll have so many adventures on your travels… You’ll have forgotten me before you even hit the West Coast. Me and every other sorry soul in this sorry town.

Good for you. I am really

(jealous, sad, heartbroken)

happy that you went. It takes a lot of courage to chase your dreams. I hope that you strike metaphorical gold, that someone out there sees you and recognizes the same, overwhelming beauty that captivated all of us.

If anyone can make it, if anyone can be a real-life, Cinderella story, it’s you.

Godspeed, my friend.

I’ll never forget you.

I’ll never forget you, either.

(I already wish I could)



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