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Her brain is like a leaky castle—full of fairy tales that never end.

Her home could never contain the fairy tale she wanted so she let her dream go, traded it in for a 9-5 job and kowtowed to thin air. She figured many people did the exact same thing anyway so what was the point of believing that things could be different? Of course there were the celebrities that covered her magazines she loved to read so much. They gave her a glimpse of what life could be like under the spotlight, but she knew in her heart of hearts, she could never actually live that kind of life. Too many cameras, too little privacy. That was not her idea of “living the dream.”

Her thoughts were filled with the everyday life and how boring it was. She was too old for going out, staying up late. She was too young and too poor for retirement, staying at home. There was no direction to go except down and she didn’t want that either. She didn’t know what she wanted, but she thought the 9-5 could stop her from wanting anything anymore. It was the perpetual occupying of her time she didn’t want to figure out how to occupy. It was the perfect remedy for wanting someone to just shoot her already.

Her bookshelves longed to be read. She was collecting stories instead of living them. They were another distraction to her reality she didn’t want to live anymore. Some days she didn’t know if she could really form the words to describe her reality, at least not the ones everyone would want to hear. Whenever she encountered anyone, she wished she could disappear into the bookcase.

Prompt: “leaky castle”

YuMin Ye

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