picking flower petals


Here I am, cleaning up what friends and lovers leave behind, like a dish towel wiping away the crumbs after a meal. They always look towards me to be that girl who puts them back together again, the Humpty Dumpties of the world. What they don’t know, at least not right away, is they already have everything they need to heal themselves. They don’t need me. I’m superfluous, like a completely used up gift card. They have all the pieces inside their brains—it’s just not until they release the words to me as I nod my head and listen are they able to piece the jigsaw puzzle together.

I want to shake each and every one of them and tell them they are good enough to be loved and smart enough to figure out the difference between the real deal kind of love and the fleeting kind of love that leaves them fractured until I come along. Because the truth is every person is strong enough on their own, but as soon as one person’s opinion that carries a lot of weight comes into the picture, self-doubt sinks in like a stone dropped into a pond, making ripples.

I’m the girl who scrapes the bottom of the pond for that stone to bring it back up to the surface where light can shine on it. Never mind me and my heart. I’m just here, a guide, a napkin to help others and then to be thrown away until their hearts are broken again.

Prompt: “napkin”

YuMin Ye

Image credit: http://www.kingsnews.org/articles/humpty-dumpty-and-the-great-fall


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