The Drive Home


As the light turned yellow, my foot made that prudent decision to slow the car down. It was 2:00 am and I had just got off a long shift at the hospital. Just as I slowed to a stop the memories from the day caught up with me. The man in the suit had asked me what I’d witnessed. He was older and so wise. He stood behind me in the cafeteria line. I merely blinked at him twice. How does anyone fully explain.

When I was younger, I was always up for an adventure. I would never shield my eyes from anything and loved every twist and turn of life. These days I find myself yelling at my teenage son to turn the volume down. He reminds me of how very uncool I am and how I really should know the name of this or that celebrity. How I should update my wardrobe or cut my hair a different way. I’m old,  I always respond. Deal with it.

I’m suddenly and quite awkwardly aware of being watched. While sitting at the red light, a car full of teenagers has pulled alongside me, windows down and music blaring. I try not to make eye contact although I realize this alone will provoke them. They just want to be seen.

All of a sudden I recognize the song and for a brief fleeting moment, I become my old self. I lower my window, smile and begin singing the words as loud as I can. They get so excited, start cheering me on and then sing along with me until the light turns green. We both floor it.

If only they could know how very fast it all goes. I almost think to turn and tell them. Yell it out the window, just how soon they’ll be me. How it was just yesterday, I was them. But for now the music is too loud and I’m enjoying their cheers.

Image Credit

Tricia Sankey


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