What he doesn’t know

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Every now and again the weight of his words hits me

The enormity encompasses my fragile heart and squeezes it until love flows out of my eyes

Tasting strangely like tears

Yes, he’s made me cry

Not with harsh words or with acts of negligence

Nor with careless thoughts and emotions

No, he’s made me tear up with the tender proclamations of his love

The vastness of his efforts

And the beauty of his vulnerability

He doesn’t know how deeply he’s touched me during those moments

He doesn’t know how love for him radiates throughout my entire body

Making it difficult to keep my composure

And how the silence translates words I cannot not say

He only knows what he sees in my eyes

What he hears from my lips

And what he feels from my actions

But he will never fully know how profoundly he has penetrated the innermost depths of my mind

Securing a spot forever in my heart.


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