Ballerinas, dinosaurs, and dance teachers

“There is no such thing as a fairy tale,” you always reminded me.

I guess my brain was full of mushy things that could never go away because you could never stop reminding me.

And I knew I wasn’t living a fairy tale life, but you also reminded me of how much you are not my Prince Charming.

I woke up from a dream last night and the dream went something like this: I was with a group of friends. I must have been a lot younger than I am now because there was a chaperone. We were running through a field, then we were running through an old building while things from the ceiling were falling down and we were screaming until we got to this hideout place where we felt safe. We were running from dinosaurs. The carnivorous kind. With big teeth and little claws and stuff. Then it turns out it wasn’t just a group of friends I was with, it was my ballet class. There was a girl trying to practice her pirouette. Our teacher kept telling her to do it again. We were still ducking from the dinosaurs and then I woke up.

I guess you were right. Even in prehistoric times, there is no one to save a girl but herself.

Prompt: “the first fairy tale”

YuMin Ye

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