Now I See

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Tender Thoughts-Mark Spain


I couldn’t have known that it would be you

There was blood in my eyes

Grief on my tongue

Shards in my heart

Part of me had died but I carried it around like a severed limb in ice

Even as it turned gangrene, I hoped it could be revived

What drew you to me?

Was it the stench of my loss?

The complexity of my guard?

The distance in my speech?

You say you saw something else

Something I had forgotten

There were colors in my hair

Smiles on my lips

Twinkles in my eyes

There was a present

And a future

All in the palm of my hands

In between the breaths of my lungs

You caught the magic

You held on

Even as I shook you away

Because you saw what I could not

My past was too heavy to keep carrying

So I put it down

Wiping the blood from my eyes

I could finally see

And I saw you

My love





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