I watched her stubby little feet crush the grass with glee as she chased imaginary friends.

Her dark hair and pale skin were so like mine, but her eyes, her eyes were magic.

They sparkled with exuberance and freshly painted dreams.

Dreams of unicorns, mermaids, and a dragon named Ferguson.

Her laugh could breathe life into a thousand fairies.

“Mommy,” she burst, “I’m a pirate!”

And off my little heathen went, swashbuckling and prancing around with her stick sword.

At that moment, while watching her smile carelessly in the haze of daylight, my dreams collided.

My heart was filled with dragonflies, falling stars, talking pigs, and ice cream swimming pools.

I was her and she was me and in my wildest fantasies, I could never have imagined this time in space.

“Is this what heaven is like?” I wondered aloud.

She stopped and looked at me, cocking her head to the side.

“Yes, mommy. Just like this.”

She then looked up at the sky, thoughtfully.

“Except I think in heaven there are more feathers.”






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