Here I am Lover

This woman you knew nothing about

But captured your attention nonetheless

Was it my broken beauty that drew you in?

The far off look in my eyes?

Or my Mona Lisa smile?

This silent succubus lies in wait

You’ve stirred her sleep

Seductively she yawns

A tired little moan

I thought she had gone

Until you ignited my skin

Fire like lava seeping out of my fractured body

Resurrected feelings I thought I had long laid to rest

The tracks of my tears left ditches in my cheeks

Until you filled them with soft sand the color of blush

The hunter in me is recovering

Unwrapping bandages from old injuries

Wounds heal in time

Gentle kisses and passionate nights

Are a soothing balm for a scarred soul

The woman you met is not the woman I was

But the woman I am now,

This woman,

She is going to devour you.










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