The Dragon Slayer

I watch as she sleeps

She’s got secrets in her eyes

Grey clouds brewing in her dreams

Guarded girl, let me in

I want to share in your woes

I’ll hold the umbrella

Wrap you in my coat until the storm dies

Give up the key

The one you tied to a kite and let go

Hoping it would get lost at sea

I’ll get wet, brave the waves

Sail a boat to get it back

Please, my love

I’m not afraid of shadows and demons

The black you hold so close inside

I won’t shine a light

I’ll stumble in the dark

Walk with arms stretched out in search of where you hide

I just want to join you there

Don’t let that lost love rob you of mine

I know I’m not him

But I’m here and he’s not

I’m willing and ready

Giving you my heart

I would scale the walls you’ve built and fight dragons to be with you

Would he?


*Prompt is: Sleep


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