borrowed from Google images


I’m feeling exposed

Sliced open and flayed

My soul on display

Come have a look

The bright lights let no flaw go unnoticed

Here’s a magnifying glass

You can see every dirty secret up close

I’ll try not to squirm

I’ll hold my head up with my hands if I have to

Force myself to look you in the eye

Even though I want to hide

Cover up my nakedness and turn off all the lights

Then I remind myself

I cut myself open

Turned on the lights

Handed you the magnifying glass

And said “Look”

I expose myself

Because maybe if I show my shortcomings

It’ll make them less ugly

In my mind

having secrets makes me feel more


than being exposed


7 thoughts on “Exposure

      1. It’s what I should do. People are surprised at this given what I have revealed so far. It’s not even a drop in the ocean. That’s why I appreciate people such as yourself. Keep putting it out there, I say. The rest of us may just eventually get a clue and follow suit. πŸ™‚

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