i lost my nerve, fell off a rental moped on a dirt path that wound downhill to a lonely beach. the moped’s tires were skint.

i checked myself for damage: my right knee bloomed craters, blood chased itself down my leg, right arm was a patchwork of scratches. the fall swiped the smile off the smug monkey in sunglasses plastered on the bike’s side.

i hauled the machine upright swearing. a man on a motorbike stopped and asked if I was all right. i smiled, laughed, all cool. i said: i’m all right. the man said: i hope your bike is too. the shops here fleece you for every nick.

later, i found the beach: it was littered with backpackers, stretched out under the noon sun. no one was in the water because the waves were rough too.

art by Jarek Puczel


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