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What if two spiders crawled out from your foot, the kind praying mantises avoid? Is it because of smoking hemp or are you going to need to smoke hemp to mask the sensation? Would you recognize the red hourglasses on their backs or would you pick them up and hold them in the palm of your hand? Are you paralyzed in your tracks or does it not faze you one bit? Do you leap before you look or will you cover the intruders with a cup? Would you try to become friends with one and feed the other one to the wasps? Would you let one bite your foot and set the other one free? Does one represent your fears and failures and the other one represent your dreams and goals? Would you squash one and swallow the other? What if two spiders crawled out from your foot and you had to finish your shower with a praying mantis?

Wash the pain away. Smoke the hemp to mask the sensation. Recognize the red hourglasses. Paralyzed is the way to go. Cover the intruders with a cup. Yes. Set them both free. Yes. Squash one. Then they would all drown.

YuMin Ye

Image credit: http://www.maxanimal.com/black-widow-vs-praying-mantis/


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