born into this


In an interview, Charles Bukowski referred to his father as his literary instructor. His father beat Bukowski with a leather strap three times a week, when the writer was six until he was eleven. Bukowski said the beatings taught him how to type.

The interviewer asked how this made sense.

Bukowski replied in his deadpan manner: ‘When you get the shit kicked out of you long enough, you have a tendency to say what you really mean. You have all the pretense beat out of you.’

Art by JT


15 thoughts on “born into this

  1. One summer I stacked up on plenty of wine and all the Bukowski books (short stories, novels, poems) that I could get my hands on. After I’d read everything they had at the local library, I got them to borrow all the other Bukowski stuff they could get from other libraries.

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  2. It’s why so many tortured souls turn to art. You have something you need to explain to yourself that can only be expressed in another medium; in Bukowski’s case, writing. At some point though we are thankful for this grist for the mill…


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