OK, the days go by


At work there were a dozen geese grazing outside the building and it was the first time I have ever seen them there. I wondered if they were looking for salt, then I saw they were getting at the grass and bits of snow still frosting the top of the green stuff. I saw them on my break when I just decided to screw the cold and go for it without my big winter coat. It’s a good thing I had my hoodie on though. I spent the work day doing something different, which was a nice change of pace and one way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I loaded up on chips, two kinds of cheese dips, a corn dip, cheese, ham and crackers, a piece of vegetarian tortilla thing I think, and a New Year’s brownie. I guess I like to sample things, like if there’s one thing I leave untried, I’m missing out. I still left lots of other snacks untried, but that’s OK. Another way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

At home I had beer with my dinner. No lamb chops. No seafood. One snickerdoodle after. With my family. It was going to be noodles, but we changed it at the last minute. I haven’t been home for New Year’s for a few years now, so it was nice to be together. Sometimes togetherness is all you need. It makes me think about how I’ve outgrown presents. I’d rather spend money on experiences. I don’t want a lot of stuff. What am I going to do with it? So family time has turned into vacation time to places we haven’t been to, movies, ballet, shows and the like. Or we play board games and cards.

We just don’t really have any traditions except for making dumplings on special occasions, namely, Chinese New Year. And the lonely part of no traditions is nothing to look forward to and blended days. The days go by, one after the next like time doesn’t exist. Everything just keeps moving onwards like a train on a neverending track. New Year’s becomes just another ordinary day. As does Christmas and Thanksgiving.

But who am I kidding? I still need everyone else in the world to have holiday traditions because then I’d be so lost without time markings. I’ll just know, oh it’s that time again when people eat turkey, and I’ll feel like for once, everything in my world is all right.

YuMin Ye

Image credit: http://seasonbytheriver.ofaolain.com/2013/01/06/geese-morning-primping/


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