This void is in your shape

My hazel eyed poltergeist

Just when I think I’m rid of you

You haunt me once again

No one can take your place

My words mean nothing

Because you no longer read them

My tears are futile

Because you can’t see them

My voice is mute

Because you no longer listen for it

My love is useless

Because you can’t feel it

You are shadow that taints my brightest days

The bittersweet memory of you,

A small dose of poison I’ve grown accustomed to

How you have rocked my core

Took my heart from it’s hiding place

And exposed it to the sun

Only to return it to the darkness

Forever marked with your invisible fingerprints

There are times when I feel most alone

When I think of you again

For the first time in a long time

That I get a cold shiver down my spine

Which reminds me that you still exist

Even if I cannot see, hear, or touch you







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