Generational shi(f)t.


I hate waiting. I can’t wait for anything. I once missed my bus so instead of waiting I ran to the next bus stop to try and catch it. I never did so I just kept running until I got home. I hate waiting. There’s too much blood rushing in my body to wait. Society tells me I’m impatient and all I seek is instant gratification. They say it like it’s a bad thing. Blame an entire generation. They confuse the ability to be patient with being complacent. I look at my elders now and they’re fat and lazy and complain about their entire life and everybody in it. These are the people who were supposed to guide us in life. But they’re bitter. They’ve experienced a life where they couldn’t pursue what they loved because they were told to wait. And sit. And wait. So now all they know is waiting. They just sit at home and wait forever for something they don’t even realize they lost. They wait for someone to tell them to move or else they’ll never move. Their job or their spouse or their children or their bladder. They gave up control because they were told that patience is a virtue and good things happen to those who wait. But it was a trick and they never got anything for waiting so now they’re bitter but waiting is all they know. And here I am, turning right on intersections with red lights because I can’t stand waiting 45 seconds for a green light.

Prompt: Waiting

G. Z. Kieft


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