Her First Time


She was so excited for the special day. A day of all white and flowers and vows and romance. The end of a two year journey. The ignition of her fumes of desire into flames of love.

Marriage had become such a common everyday affair for most couples. Devoid of commitment and sacrifice. Not between her and Evan. They were saving their most intimate treasures. Most couples had all the monogamy of a horny house pet. The loyalty of a nine year old pick pocket.

She knew she was different.

Shauna had lived in an effort to be special. She had her faith. She wore her belief like armor protecting her flowery innocence. She looked forward to forging the steel chain of love from the raw iron of her lover’s red hot passion. That was how it was supposed to be. The preacher had said so.

Tomorrow would be the day. She would say “I do” and after the party was through she would be whisked away to a rose-petal-laced bedroom of pleasure. They would tear at each other’s clothes, hungry for the sweet release.

Her body tingled at the thought of his loving touch and warm caress. Evan would be worth the wait. The smell of sweat and aftershave. Hot breath over the top of a wet kiss. She slid her hand under her cotton boys-shorts and explored herself in imaginary ecstasy. She arched her back and slid her fingers inside, moaning for him to go deeper. Faster. Her legs went stiff and her entire body shook. An invisible flame filled her skin.

She laid in the afterglow breathing hard under a thin layer of sweat. Smiling at the thought of what real sex would feel like. Desiring him inside her at that moment.

Filling her up. Touching everything.

Pounding her.

Just like he was doing to her maid of honor. Four miles away.

There came the groom.



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