chasing your eyes


Your eyes can speak you know. They do all the talking sometimes when you’re not looking. I search for the words in them when I need more clarification than your lips can give me. When I watch them, they tell me your secrets you didn’t know you had. You’re perpetually holding back, afraid I’ll find out, but I do anyway and it only makes me laugh. I constantly search your pupils for different data, something unique I haven’t seen before because that’s what I thrive on. I have to catch it before it becomes old and familiar, an idea to be forgotten. But don’t worry. What your eyes betray I wash away with shampoo and conditioner, letting molecules do their biz the way Avogadro said with his eyes. After drying, your points come across like the dew in the morning. And with me, that’s exactly where you want to be.

Prompt: “new”

YuMin Ye

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