Staying for Thanksgiving

For writing

It was nighttime in November. Taylor was standing on the pier saying something with his hands to this pretty number he picked up downtown. I was sitting on the hood of the car with Amy.
“But I’m not going this year.” She was saying. She was talking about going to visit her parents for Thanksgiving every year. “It’s not worth paying a thousand dollars to see parents who are just going to criticize everything I’ve done here.”
The three of us came here after work every Friday. You take an exit on your way to Sausalito and you have first class tickets to the most beautiful modern construction on the west coast: the Golden Gate Bridge. Amy was still talking. Then she asked if I was going home to my parents.
“I don’t know, yet.” I said. “You think Taylor is really into her?”
He was laughing, sure, but I couldn’t tell if he was really laughing or just laughing.
“Looks like it.” Amy shrugged I think. “Good for him. He hasn’t been the same since Ashley.”
“Look, I was thinking we could just celebrate Thanksgiving here. Just the three of us.”
“Taylor’s not going home, either.”
“What about him?”
“I said he’s not going home either.”
“For Thanksgiving?”
I looked at Amy and she had her lids half shut the way she does when she gets annoyed.
“Oh, well I think I’m gonna stay too.”
“You want to celebrate Thanksgiving together?”
Taylor looked out onto San Francisco and pointed at something. Then he wrapped his arm around the girl from downtown. Maybe she was a prostitute? I wondered if I should mention that to Taylor, just in case.
“Kara.” Amy said. “You want to celebrate Thanksgiving together?”
“The four of us?”
“No, what? Four?”
That hooker put her head on Taylor’s shoulder and he put his head on her head.
“Isn’t she coming?”
“Why would she be coming?” Amy asked.
“I don’t know, obviously they’re a thing now.”
“What’s gotten into you? You know that girl or something?”
“Ha! No.”
“Well you’re acting all salty.”
“I’m not acting salty.”
“You’re acting salty.”
You’re acting salty.”
Taylor turned that hooker around and faced her to him. This was his move. He always did it with Ashley. He was about to kiss her.
“They’re gonna kiss.”
“Good.” Amy said.
“I wish they wouldn’t kiss. Not on a night like this.”
“What kind of night is this?”
“I don’t know. A kissing-free night would be nice. It was just supposed to be the three of us.”
“Kara, this is good for Taylor. He hasn’t been the same since Ashley fucked that intern and you know he’s been stressed with her in the office, still.”
“At least Ashley has an honest job.” I looked at Amy. “I think she’s a prostitute.”
“I think I’m gonna tell him.”
“No, Kara. No.”
“Hey Taylor!”
“Kara!” Amy hushed me, but Taylor had already looked over.
“Come here! I wanna tell you something!”
Taylor turned away from us and flipped me off with his free hand.
“He’s not interested.” Amy laughed.
“He can be so dumb.” I tucked my chin into my hoodie. “So dumb.”
“So are we gonna do it?’
“Celebrate Thanksgiving together?”
“Of course, I thought you already said that.”

G. Z. Kieft

Photo Credit: KOLCHphotography


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