what I’ll tell ya


It was like watching the light rail man reciting his same poem about fallen leaves every single ride, hoping to catch nickels and dimes in his cap, then exploding when no one would give because most of the passengers were repeat.

It was like getting called over by my frenemy BFF to smoke a cigarette because she thought I was still the same minion extra as I was freshman year and then when I flatly said “no,” she looked disappointed in me, like how dare I think for myself.

It was like rubbing my bare leg against my neighbor’s accidentally, then purposely leaving it there, forgetting we were sitting in a lecture hall and he was a total stranger who did not appreciate it by the look on his face while I smiled stupidly, an inexperienced girl who wanted to enjoy something for the first time.

It was like my hand blocking the soccer ball on reflex, not because I didn’t know you don’t use your hand during soccer, but because it was coming at me too close for comfort and my hand had a mind of its own during ninth grade gym class.

It was like losing my butterfly earring on the way to meet you for the movie, then telling you about it and remembering you were shocked when I didn’t know Bond was named after 007 and right back at ya was the fact they only have one track that is their rendition of the Bond theme so how was I supposed to know they were named after him for a couple of Hungarian dances, Carmen, Pachelbel’s Canon and Alexander the Great?

YuMin Ye

Image credit: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/bond-quartet/images/19135951/title/bond-photo


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