Word Prompt: James Bond

Ever wonder what would have happened?

I had my treasure chest and you, your house in Budapest.

It seems like so long ago.

We would have traded it all for love.

Love, that elusive experience everyone chases.

Love, the mysterious phenomenon no one understands.

Love, the intoxicating high that makes us all fools.

What have you been up to lately?

I’m still guarding my treasure after being so willing to give it up.

So far no one has been worthy.

Not since you.

But I’m here and ready, give me the word.

I would release it in a heartbeat.

I know the value of real love.

My mind wanders and I think of sacrifices.

Sacrifices and the people we make them for.

I think of how James Bond left his life of being 007 for a chance at love.

No more adrenaline junkie missions or nights with different exotic women.

In the end, he wanted to live life with one love.

Just like the rest of us.

If he could give up being a super spy in exchange for it, maybe a house in Budapest isn’t too much to leave behind after all.

What do you say?

My house in Budapest
My hidden treasure chest,
Golden grand piano
My beautiful castillo

I’d leave it all

George Ezra- Budapest


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