Not Like You


Lay down here,
this place where people like Adam Levine and J. K. Rowling
have stayed overnight, maybe one, maybe more.
Jump into his ADHD, taste her Dementor’s Kiss
and then tell me you don’t understand where their art comes from.
I’ll believe you.

Lay down here
so you can be with me
to read my thoughts and feel known for once in your life.
Because while you are here, we have X-ray vision and we can put together every puzzle.
If you don’t believe me, don’t listen to the news;
nothing real meets your ears over there.

Lay down here
beside the mess and untie the knot.
Pull the shoelace through the holes, but this time, no crisscross.
Burp like a mosquito overflowing with blood.
Get comfortably numb in everlasting routines and
finally understand what it’s like to meet someone you know.

YuMin Ye

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