Word Guessing Game

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Let’s play a game. You lazy asses scroll through here each week and leave all the heavy lifting to me. I carry you through to the end of whatever I have hobbled together and hope that I have arranged everything right for it to strike a chord. Well now you have to work for it. (Not really. Relax.)

That’s right! No more free meals. You are going to have to guess the theme for this week on Conceited Crusade. Unless you read the post before mine. Even then, just humor me. Please… It has been a rough week and I feel like I’m about to _____. Oh you are tricky. I almost said it.

Let’s get started shall we?

Gimme a ______
Gimme a ______
_____ me off a piece of that…
Kit Kat Bar!

________ dancing looks difficult.

It’s not cheating, we were on a _______.

I love Keanu in Point ________.

Ever notice how work allows for ________s that involve stimulants. Coffee ____, Smoke ______, Cocaine ______. Maybe not that last one. Probably for the boost in productivity. Why don’t employers allow beer ________s ?

They say that a tree that will bend won’t _________. That is a lie. I bent a sapling down when I was a kid and that fucker broke and hit me in the nuts. Fucking puked on my new shoes. What a useless saying.

“_________ yourself fool, gimme yo’ goddamned number.” (If you get this reference, there is a 99% chance that we can be friends, add me on Facebook because I want to know you. You rock.)

Baby I get so lonely, I could die. (Heart_____ Hotel)

The ____up featuring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. I felt like this movie climaxed about three times and each time I thought, “FINALLY!” But no. There was more.

I did enjoy the premise of the Bruce Willis movie, Un______able, but it was too short. Maybe if the director from that other movie had helped out.

Corporate jargon drives me insane. All the group meetings with afternoon ______out sessions.

Grammar-nazi’s prepare yourselves. I’m going to brake all the rules. I bet you’re head is exploading.


Hammer time.

Dnnn dnn dnn dn dn duh dum duh dum.

The word was Lick. Better luck next time!

-Underdaddy out.


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