The Night That Doesn’t Sleep


You know that song that goes on and on in your head at night when the lights are off? It’s raining into the wind tonight and I’m listening to that song and you wouldn’t believe it but you were wrong.

Last week the park was gray and empty and I looked to the north and saw a dog. After a while the dog left and it started to rain. I remembered about the wind, and that time you left the front door open.

Last night I cooked myself dinner but I couldn’t eat so I put it in the fridge for you. This morning I threw it out with the egg shells and the omelette that I made.

It rained again in the afternoon and hasn’t stopped. I thought it would, but it hasn’t stopped.


One thought on “The Night That Doesn’t Sleep

  1. Beautiful. ‘It’s raining into the wind tonight…’ I hate it when that happens because it reminds me of other places I used to live that I don’t call home. But I love it too because it reminds me I come from somewhere and didn’t just emerge amphibian-like from the Chao Phraya River…

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