Jedi Low Council

My best friend in elementary school had a beagle named Luke Skywalker. My friend and I talked about Star Wars all the time. He had seen it a hundred times. I told him I had, too, but I have still never seen it. One day my friend’s older brother had a party. It was his sixteenth birthday and we built a huge fire in a clearing in the woods. My friend had two distant cousins that were about the same age and they went back to their car and made out. When my friend’s parents went to bed, people started drinking and it was time for us to go in the house. They came in later  and they were all drunk. One of them threw up on my friend’s mom. Another one followed the dog around asking where his light saber was. My friend said he would never drink. His brother said he would never drink again. On the first day of high school my friend was reading Lord of the Rings.  I’d never heard of it. He said they were having a party at his house. He said there would be beer. I laughed because I thought he was joking and I said count me out. He said okay and then we weren’t friends any more. He drank a lot all the time from then on and now he is a county politician. I get emails from his Facebook campaign for re-election.


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