La Luna


The stars gathered together to plot war against the sun while he slept.

Uneasy whispers making plans to dethrone the conceited king.

“Why should he have all the glory?” they mumbled amongst one another.

The moon in all her splendor was out and overheard their grumblings.

She smiled to herself, feeling compassion for the beautiful creatures.

They did not realize their uniqueness or how brightly they shone.

“My dearest ones,” she said in a most soothing tone, “what is all this talk of war?”

“The sun is too mighty for his own good,” they cried. “He does not share the sky, wanting all the adoration to himself!”

“Have you considered, my loves, that he is jealous of your beauty? That he is afraid that you would steal the little pride that he has to claim?”

“We have and it is time he shared! We are tired of being forgotten!”

The moon suddenly felt love for them, as a mother does when she births a child.

“You deserve to share the sky with one who would share it with you.” She countered. “The sun is very bright and although he gets the heavens to himself, no one can ever admire him for very long, lest they go blind. You are too glorious and need to be admired for however long anyone cares to rest their gaze on you.”

The stars looked at one another, slowly considering the words of the moon. They had not thought of this before.

The moon continued. “The night sky is dark and while I occupy it, my light is soft and gentle to the eye. My admirers study me for hours and bask in my glow.”

The stars were now glued to her, hanging onto every word.

“The truth is,” she murmured, “I get very lonely all by myself. I would very much like to have company.”

The stars gathered around in a circle and quietly discussed their thoughts with one another.

Finally, the North Star came forward.

“We have decided that our lives are best being spent next to one who would have us and willingly share her attention. We will be your faithful companions from this moment on, if it is pleasing to you.”

The moon swelled with excitement and emotion, choking back a happy tear.

“Yes, I would like that very much,” she said.

So the stars surrounded their kind mistress, glowing all the brighter from joy to be in such good company.

Night after night, the sparkle of their souls glittered the sky.

Down on earth, admirers stopped from all around to take in their beauty.

Poems were written, stories told, images created; all to celebrate such a breathtaking sight.

And the sun secretly hated them because he was all alone.

Word prompt is Star Wars


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