Yo This Bitch Dressed Up In Raw Meat


Yo check this chick out. That bitch cray. I would not wear that dress even if it was cooked. Some people in this world is wrong, just not right in the head. This chick right here wearing a dress made out of raw meat. Ya’ll ever seen this? She is on stage somewhere with a trophy. In a dress of meat. That shit is nasty. What could she possibly be saying? I’ll tell you one thing if I was walking around in meat clothes I’d be like:

Yo don’t hand me that microphone, just get a close up on this lamb chop right here motherfucker check that fucking stitch pattern, kid. What you know about raw meat son I could fall right onto a grill and I’d be fine. Meat clothes have their benefits god damn it. Don’t act like you ain’t thought about using that old freezer meat you got to make a new ascot, bitch.

That’s just me though but I wouldn’t be in this situation. How did she get in this situation? I don’t know I wouldn’t be in that situation, with the raw meat I mean. I don’t mind public speaking.

Bitch crazy maybe her refrigerator broke and she was like shit I can’t eat all this meat, I got an award ceremony to go to right now! And you know them types a people ain’t trying to come home to a lot of wasted meat, just sitting there, that meat smell mingling with the alpaca fur and shit. Fuck that! I’ma put this meat all over myself, she said. Use it as a dress she said. Good thing, too, because you know bad things come in threes so the refrigerator broke, her boyfriend probably left her ass for some bitch not crazy enough to wear a meat dress, and thirdly her Oscar De La Renter dress probably got bacon grease on it when she threw the skillet at that dumb-ass, no-appreciation-for-just-letting-people-give-an-acceptance-speech-real-quick-before-you-break-up-with-them-and-fuck-up-their-concentration ex-boyfriend of hers. Shit I can see that. Shit I guess I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Sounds like a very resourceful young lady. I’ll bet she finds a new boyfriend in no time. Maybe he can help her put in a new fridge.


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