Running shouldn’t be that hard. Humans have been bipedal for years. Millions of years probably. Somehow the stairs were still a challenge. He made a mental note: Less ice cream at night and more jogging in the mornings. 

The stars were not in alignment and, all physical weakness aside, the author was unprepared for this trip. He was attending a conference that would take all of his time but he understood his duties to the others. He agreed to this frantic circus of a life. Work. Eat. Write. Sleep. Repeat.

Write, monkey.


It’s almost Tuesday you stupid monkey!


He slide the plastic key card in the 1960’s model door that had been retrofitted with a card reader. The warm smell of wood paneling and unwashed floral print comforters greeted him to the hotel room. He checked his watch. 6:00 pm. Still time to upload the Tuesday post and schedule it for a seamless release into the interwebs. No one would ever know that he was too busy to post and out of his normal environment.

The sweaty man tossed his suitcase onto the over-sprung mattress and slid his laptop onto the desk. Power on. Login. Within minutes he discovered the true problem. The specter that was hiding in the shadows. Lurking and waiting to thwart his valiant efforts.

No. Goddamned. Wi-Fi.

The horror.

 I had a plan and I found myself “stranded”.


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