one morning in Bangkok


1. A man with stringy hair and a greying beard
sits at a bus stop but never gets on.
He’s bent over his arm
and with his fingernail
he scrawls on his skin
a history everyone wants forgotten.

2. Outside the train station
a young lady rests her forehead
on a plastic folding table
stacked with take-away breakfast:
fried rice with egg on top.
Cold now because she’s snoring softly and
Thais are never rude.

3. The sun abandoned the city today;
skies are grey and the breeze is cool.
Sighs of relief in speech bubbles hang over commuters and pedestrians.
The rich old bag in the back of her Benz is missing out.

4. My motorbike taxi weaves insouciantly through traffic.
The driver is a good-looking young man.
I feel like swearing in his ear.

5. A fat woman fills her tight green dress.
She tucks her phone between her cheek and clavicle
reaches down her front to adjust a boob.
She laughs at something dirty someone said.

6. An old man with opticals
like tiny flying saucers sits on a bridge
his prosthetic legs upright beside him
a faded yellow like sunflowers.

7. At the other end of the bridge
a soi dog whimpers in its sleep.
I kick myself for leaving our leftovers in the fridge.

This week’s word prompt is ‘stranded’



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