I Swear


Reading bathroom boasting.
Snarky gutters of guile.
Modern colloquial curses.
Etched in Cuneiform style

For a good time call ….
Hairy balls.
‘til sweat drops off.

Such big minds
In little johns.
Giant fish.
Little ponds.

Bullshit…Cut it.
Whore mouth… shut it.
Beef to squash?
Butternut it.

Crank that shit.
Too legit.
Might slow down.
But never quit.

Be a bitch.
Flip a switch.
Gotta scratch.
Fucking itch.

Lots of fucking gall.

Pen to scrawl.
Quiet stall.


Here I type atrocities,
Post my electric files.
Keystrokes of violent verbosity
Behold, my sinister smile.


12 thoughts on “I Swear

      1. So that is how you spell it. I felt like Elmer Fudd, I typed double entendre like four times and the red squiggly lines said I was wrong so I used “meaning”. I suppose you could read it like men think with their penis but that doesn’t fit the theme very well.

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