working brunch



Hell yeah I just finished working brunch in Manhattan. Usually some funny shit happens and I figured I would just write whatever that was but today it was slow as fuck and the customers really ain’t do shit. Now my phone is about to die and I got no ideas for this post.

Brunch at my restaurant costs like a hundred dollars. So it’s always some weird rich tourists coming through there. Last week this guy told me he owned a $500,000 handmade Italian motorcycle. I didn’t ask him he just told me that.

All day today they played this Pandora station called eighties porn.  Sometimes they just play Georgia On My Mind over and over again.

You ever been to a restaurant and the thing you wanted wasn’t on the menu? And then you say to the waiter can you guys do this thing I want? Me either. I just eat the food that they make.

Damn I wish I had brought my headphones. Not so I could actually listen to anything just so I could put them in. I’m on break sitting in the park outside the restaurant and this crazy old bat puts her dog next to me and starts talking to it. Yeah bitch the dog is cute now get the fuck outta here. Crazy ass.

That’s all I got.

This week’s one word prompt is: brunch


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