Brunch is my favorite meal.

I’m obsessed with options, never content to have just one thing at one time.

Eclectic to the core.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

It has gotten me into trouble.

I may have a wandering eye.

Always secretly concerned with the grass on the other side.

A wild one of sorts.

No one has ever been able to quench my thirst completely.

Always looking for more.

A better match.

A different soul.

Another kindred.

Until him.

The man who isn’t around but still has me wanting him.

The one who I don’t owe anything to but want to give everything I have.

The man who set me free when all I wanted was to be with him.

This man has my heart and utter devotion.

I don’t care about the grass or more or better.

I just want him.

For him,

I would give up brunch.


9 thoughts on “Brunch

    1. Lol! I will only be too old for that when my body is full of arthritis. And even then…
      But really, mind, body, and soul is what I want. That’s what I meant.
      Naughty Fred.


      1. I can understand that sentiment. I had the discontent for years as a young man. Finally realized I should either accept my position or do something to change it. And not out of thinking the grass is greener. Just that I knew I was floundering, wasting my time. So, I made changes, put in some effort, and now I’m where I want to be. And I’m thankful for my blessings and good fortune. I don’t necessarily believe in luck. I think hard work and effort begets “luck”.

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      2. I agree. I just really started being able to focus on me and my wants and needs fairly recently. It’s amazing how much I feel like a teenager even though I’m a grown adult.


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