Not a phrase. Not a word. Not even a single letter I could think of to go with my drawing.

The Lady was losing patience, though she kept her composure. I felt my face warming up as I tried not to take too much longer. I couldn’t do it. I was stuck in between two chairs after two people pushed their chairs back to get ready to stand up.

There were five of us and now it was just me and the boy next to me. He wrote “I love people” above the heads in his picture and announced it to the room. I watched to see what kind of a reaction he would get from the Lady. She was the one who decided when we could leave and I really wanted to get out of this box. The boy next to me was the only other kid left, so I really didn’t want her to approve because I really didn’t want to be last. Or worse, stuck in this box forever, which was liable to happen if I didn’t come up with words. Time can’t go fast enough. I wish someone would just whisper the words I need to use. I can hear my hair grow.

But then the boy next to me is moving. What just happened? Shoot. He’s smiling and getting up and leaving. That means I’m THE ONLY ONE LEFT. I can feel my face burning up. The Lady turns to me. “No words?” I just kind of shake my head. I think I was telling her “no,” but was too frozen to process what was going on. Luckily for me, she knew exactly what I meant. “How about if you just name what’s in your picture?” She pointed to the bottom center of my drawing. I glanced down and felt relief washing over me like that time I wet my pants because Mrs. Ward told me to since there was no bathroom nearby and it’s okay because everyone got a little water on their clothes. If I pass this test, I will never have to see Mrs. Ward ever again. Now I smiled as I answered, “Sure, I can do that.”

Above some overlapping triangles and circles I wrote, BUTTERFLY.

YuMin Ye

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