Silence is louder than noise.

The unspoken lingers in the air, thicker than hot, boiling tar.

Tiptoeing around, the ground is laid thick with eggshells.

One wrong step and it all gets triggered.

You think that by muting your voice it will go away.

Leave it alone, it will soon be forgotten.

Stuff it down, swallow it up.

Ignore the nagging desires.

What you want is not an option.

The voices in your head get bolder.

Screaming to be heard.

Clawing at the backs of your eyes.

Rushing to the base of your throat,

choking you with their force.

But peace is better than war.

War is difficult and messy.

You never win the battles.

Always left exhausted and twisted in a pool of your own blood.

Defeated before you even fight.

This is how it is.

Acceptance comes from being beaten down and broken over time.

Constantly reminded through actions that your needs aren’t important,

that you can go without.

You become complacent in this routine.

Life will always be this way.

Until you decide that it won’t.

When you realize you have a choice.

That you choose what you accept.

And how you live.

The cycle exists only with two.

Courage is deciding to jump off and not get back on again.

Bruised and sprained after the fall, you smile because this time the wounds will heal and not return.

This time you are choosing your voice.

And you will never allow anyone to silence it again.


Word prompt is Mute


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