This week’s prompt is Euphoria and I have no fucking idea what to write about.


You sure he saw? Kitchen counter, curtains drawn, as sure as dawn, as the sun sprinkles light up on our burning love, you whisper teary eyed but with courage strong, your strength comes from the urge to run, you see my arms and yearn to belong, and so you say I hope he saw, you whisper insecurities and say he did you wrong, he didn’t fuck you, didn’t make you cum, not like this, and he never wrote you songs, and his poetry was broken down and he wasn’t outspoken now, and now your memories are hopeless sounds in the background like the buzzing of a broken fountain, sputtering water up and barely arousing, but with me it’s astounding, you say with me it’s power, I restored it and you feel grounded and euphoric, you feel like our future is alluring, life changing and historic, but until I say yes these guesses are rhetoric, these questions are but shadows reoccurring every night as you collect tears until the morning, and you can’t afford it, you need assuring, you nearly beg me for my heart down on the kitchen flooring, and you say you’re feeling like a clingy whore and you didn’t mean for this to reoccur, because last time I reminded you that life is short and shit, I can’t commit to you for sure but this is just what I needed, and finally my walls are defeated and your heart’s on my sleeve like those gloves that you need as a kid, where they tie through the back of your jacket and attach to each other so neither glove can ever leave, and so I pull you to your feet and wipe away your grief and tell you that the only thing I’ll ever need is those bright eyes and pearly teeth. We leave.


11 thoughts on “Cheat

      1. That is my exact reaction to posting a story. I set the computer on one end of the bed and hide behind a pillow on the other. Peeking out for that little orange WordPress notice blinking. Sweet judgement. Fuck… another smiley face and lol. Beat me down people so I can be forged into a true weapon!

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