It’s almost been a year since I made the move out here.

The weather is terrible.

Hot and humid in the summer.

And Mosquitos.

Cold and bitter in the winter.

And snow.

I like to give him a hard time about it.

Because I’m used to sunshine all year long.

Okay, more like 10 months out of the year.

But still,

it was paradise compared to this place.

I’ve never lived in the suburbs.

It’s an environment I’m still getting used to.

He would tease me about it before I moved.

Telling me there were leprechauns and unicorns because I was unsure of what to expect, like I believed it was a different dimension or something.

He’s a smart ass that way.

The drive out to work is killer.

Not too many job openings for my profession in this little town.

Then there’s the lack of ready entertainment.

I come from the land of stars, where there is always something to do, always something going on, even if it’s a Wednesday night.

Here, things get sleepy by 8 pm.

I guess it’s good that I have him to entertain me.


I get flustered just thinking about him.

God, what is it that I love so much?

He is far from perfect, but I quite like that about him.

He tells me he doesn’t get it, what’s a girl like me doing with a guy like him.

Truth is, I find everything attractive about him.


And my God, he is amazing in bed.

Nerds usually are.

When he touches me, I tremble with anticipation.

Because I know what’s coming.

And we’ve been going at it for months.

Every fucking day.

Minus the few days I’m on my cycle.

He tells me that’s when he can recover.

I don’t think he’s joking.

I blame it on my sex drive.

He hasn’t complained about it yet.

To be fair, he had me wanting him long before I could actually touch him.

I’m just making up for lost time.

I often approach him first.

He usually comes home from work after I do.

So I greet him with a hug and a kiss.

But our kisses never stay as just kisses.

Hands start to wander.

Groping, pulling at clothes that are deemed unnecessary.

Breathing becomes difficult.

Moans replace words.

My heart pounds as I feel his arms pinning me to the wall.

His lips move down my neck to the crook of it where he lingers and nibbles just enough for me to get soaked and beg him for more.

But he loves to keep me waiting.

He lives for it.

So he moves his mouth to my breasts and uses one hand to tease between my thighs.


He knows this makes me dizzy.

He quietly leads me to the bedroom after my legs are too shaky to keep standing and there I attack him with more aggressive kisses.

Hungry, I push him down on the bed.

I crawl over him, kissing him while rubbing my naked body all over his.

I slowly make my way down to his cock.

I tease him with soft kisses all over it before I take him in my mouth and suck.

I love how his eyes roll back.

I get him to just about close to climax, then I let up.

I know how to torture him too.

He is ravenous by then and takes me.

He flips me on my back and enters me.

I gasp every time.

He sets the pace and I’m moaning.

I’m holding into him and saying his name.

I’m telling him I love him.

And other naughty things I will forget I said later.

He reciprocates, telling me he loves me too, mixed with his own dirty talk, which drives me crazy with lust.

Eventually he starts to curse and I know he’s going to cum.

He says “fuck” when he’s cumming and I love it because “fuck” is my favorite curse word.

And I love when he cums.

But I’m not done yet, so he groans and shakes and once it’s over he goes down on me.

He personally enjoys this.

So do I.

His tongue works hard and he has a strong one.

He is especially skilled, my lover.

My back arches in waves and I’m holding onto his hair, holding his head close, trying not to crush it with my thighs as it gets more intense.

It doesn’t take long before it’s built up and I’m there.

I cum in his mouth and he doesn’t let up as I’m screaming with delirium.

Even as I push his face with my hand to let him know I’m done, he’ll stay just a little longer, knowing full well that I just might cum again.

Most of the time I do.

When he finally releases his grip, he crawls up next to me and we giggle then start to drift off to sleep.

I groggily tell him that I love him and I’m happy. That being with him was worth the wait.

He smiles softly as his eyelids flutter with the weight of twilight taking him away.

He manages an “I love you too” before he drifts off.

The last thought I have before I succumb to a sex coma is,

“I can deal with the weather.”

Word prompt this week is: Flash fiction Erotica


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